Pioneering inspection services, SQS, Quality Audits & Engineering Design

inspection and integrity services

Inspection and Integrity Services

Jaque-Michelson offers an integrated Inspection Envelope, which ensures an audit trail for your high value equipments, from manufacture up to delivery on site or storage.

supplier quality surveillance

Supplier Quality Surveillance (SQS)

We ensure that your supplier quality surveillance services are coordinated by an experienced Project Surveillance Manager, who has a team of experienced Quality Surveyors and Inspectors working under them.

supplier quality audits

Supplier Quality Audits

Jaque-Michelson supplier quality audits can help you identify quality gaps along your strategic supply chain relationships or free up your valuable and often times scarce in-house resources to focus on strategic supply chain management.

pipeline system design and field development

Pipeline System Design and Field Development

The most modern techniques, tools, and approaches will always be used to provide you with the best design and advice suitable for your business.

procurement services

Procurement Services

Our team of experts can assist in developing contracting strategy and all necessary enquiry packages to be issued to contractors for most upstream and downstream oil and gas engineering projects.

Why We Stand Out

Not only do we have in-house experts who can take on challenging jobs or projects anywhere, including 3rd party Inspection Services, Supplier Quality Surveillance (SQS), Quality Audits, Feasibility studies, FEED, EPC, and Procurement. We have a team of specialist and consultants both within the UK/Europe and around the world who can work in a virtual world to quickly resolve any issues requiring specialist skills at a short notice. We work round the clock and take all briefs, including those our competitors would classify as too little.

A dedicated SQS Manager can detail an inspection specialist or a quality survey to attend a manufacturing site or a supplier supplier's base to carry out inspections, quality assessment or pre-sanction activity on behalf of customers at a short notice. They also work alongside our consultant engineers who can prepare a design/design report, review your in-house design or specification and can attend our customer's office to finalise and complete a design package alongside your team at a short notice. While at the same time client's team can tap into our consultant's wide experience during their visit, this visit could be a one-off or as regular as required. We can be involved in either a quick Desktop or feasibility study, FEED leading to the development of all classes of costs estimate, Inspection Service and Quality Audit.

why we stand out

Quality Management Systems

Jaque-Michelson continually achieves client's satisfaction by applying quality standards. Our Quality Management System and Occupational Health and Safety Management has been independently assessed and is accredited to BS EN ISO 9001:2008 and OHSAS 18001

Jaque-Michelson ensures that the requirements of the Quality Management System and Occupational Health and Safety Management are continually reviewed, implemented and maintained. Our experts, consultants and staff at all levels are fully aware of the quality requirements in their day-to-day activities as we continue to provide our clients the services that make us stand out

The Quality Management and Occupational Health and Safety Management elements of our system are continually subject to improvements, update audits and continuous re-certifications.